C-Mill by Motek

C-Mill by Motek

At Balance and Mobility Therapy, we leverage advanced technologies to enhance our patient's rehabilitation journey. One such innovative tool is the C-Mill by Motek. The C-Mill is an advanced evaluation and training treadmill, designed to improve gait, balance, and functional mobility in a safe and controlled environment.

The C-Mill provides multiple interactive training options, with visual and acoustic cues for stepping and walking patterns. It enables us to create various real-life simulations, including obstacle avoidance, target stepping, and speed adaptations. This functionality is essential in helping our patients translate their therapy gains into daily life activities.

The treadmill's unique features, like the Body Weight Support system and the augmented and virtual reality graphics, allow for early rehabilitation and more intense training, irrespective of the patient's condition. The system offers objective data on gait parameters and training progression, making it an excellent tool for both assessment and treatment.

Under the guidance of our skilled therapists, the C-Mill provides a therapeutic approach that is interactive, motivating, and above all, tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether you're recovering from an injury, surgery, or living with a neurological condition, the C-Mill can help enhance your gait, balance, and overall mobility. At Balance and Mobility Therapy, we're committed to using innovative technologies like the C-Mill to help our patients achieve their rehabilitation goals and improve their quality of life.

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