C-Mill VR+ Biomechanical Motion Technology

A gait-specific adaptive training system on a treadmill with a built-in force plate and high resolution projection of clear visual obstacles on a belt and front display screen.

Challenges and Improves:

  • Walking symmetry
  • Step length
  • Walking speed
  • Weight shifting
  • Weight distribution
  • Dynamic gait tasks (Avoiding obstacles, Reacting to Unexpected Situations, Slalom and Tandem Walking, Change in Gait Speed)


Introducing: C-Mill by Motek

C-Mill Features

  • Evaluation: custom programs to evaluate balance and walking ability
  • Train foot placement: various visual obstacles projected on the belt encourage appropriate stepping and gait symmetry
  • Train walking pattern: projecting targets offer multi-sensory input to encourage appropriate walking skills
  • Train Automated movement and dual tasking: front video display projects images to simulate walking in a natural environment
  • Feedback: direct visual and auditory feedback is provided while training


C-Mill: Body Weight Support

Body Weight Support allows for a portion of the patient's bodyweight to be reduced allowing the task of walking to be an easier task, especially with those having neurological conditions or orthopedic conditions in which weightbearing is restricted.

Why The C-Mill VR+?

  • State-of-the-art biomechanical motion technology
  • Wide range of applications: fall-prone elderly as well as neurological and orthopedic patients of all ages, including children
  • Unique: unlimited gait training programs
  • Motivating: as the patient progresses it becomes a joyful process
  • Task-specific: visual objects encourage appropriate stepping and walking
  • Effective and efficient: proven results
  • Communicative: real-time feedback as well as video recordings and easy to understand reports
  • Safe: treadmill is speed controlled and has a safety frame and a body harness
  • Easy to use: one click begins the protocal


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