Direct Access

Direct Access

To Physical Therapy Services at Balance and Mobility Therapy

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access means you can see a physical therapist without a doctor's referral or prescription.

How does it work at Balance and Mobility Therapy?

1.) Initial Evaluation: You can come directly to us for your scheduled evaluation without a doctor's referral (Request Evaluation). After your evaluation, with your consent, we'll inform your doctor or relevant health care provider within five business days.

2.) Progress Check: If, after 30 days from your first visit, we don't see significant progress, we'll consult with or refer you to a relevant health care provider. Exceptions include: Services provided for fitness, wellness, or prevention. Or If you've been previously diagnosed with chronic, neuromuscular, or developmental conditions and are seeking therapy related to those conditions.

3.) Referral to Other Health Care Practitioners: If at any point we believe your symptoms or conditions need treatment beyond our scope, we'll refer you to an appropriate licensed health care practitioner.

4.) Insurance: Direct access doesn't guarantee insurance coverage. It's essential to check with your insurance provider to understand if services without a doctor's referral are covered.

For Medicare Patients: Medicare does allow for direct access to physical therapy services; however, Medicare will only cover these services if they are considered "medically necessary." Additionally, while you can start physical therapy without a referral, Medicare requires a plan of care to be certified by your physician after an initial evaluation for continued coverage.

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Request your Direct Access appointment today!

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