NeuroCom's® Balance Master®

The NeuroCom® Balance Master® is a cutting-edge technology that we use at Balance and Mobility Therapy to accurately assess and treat balance disorders. This system uses an interactive, dynamic platform that measures the strategies used by a patient to maintain balance.

The Balance Master® offers both static and dynamic assessments, providing us with quantitative data on sensory and voluntary motor control of balance. With this data, we can understand the root cause of balance issues and tailor individualized treatment plans.

One of the unique features of the NeuroCom® Balance Master® is its ability to simulate real-life balance challenges. This helps us to train our patients in a controlled environment, gradually improving their stability and confidence in performing daily activities.

Our expert therapists use the results from the Balance Master® assessments to design targeted interventions, making it a valuable tool for improving patient outcomes in balance and mobility.

With the NeuroCom® Balance Master®, we're able to take a proactive, data-driven approach to balance and mobility therapy, aiding us in our mission to help patients regain stability and quality of life.

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NeuroCom's® Balance Master®

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