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Physical Therapy

We're here for all your Physical Therapy needs!

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Occupational Therapy

We provide occupational therapy that is beneficial to people who seek a greater sense of freedom and independence following a decline in function.

Occupational therapists can address a variety of disabilities including physical, cognitive, and mental health related disorders.

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Aquatic Therapy

92° Warm Water Pool.

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Patient Stories

I appreciated the input & feed back from the various therapists. They listened to my concern & questions and responded with explanations & demonstrated the exercises which I needed. They all "knew their stuff" & made healing happen! I learned what to do to improve my situation when at home. Your building, equipment and all staff members were professional, helpful and friendly. Your facility is the best on I've ever experienced! Recommending BAM to everyone!

Very happy with my treatment. I loved when I ask a question & received an answer that I could understand. I would recommend BAM every time.

Your team was fantastic! Everyone I worked with was friendly and helpful. They allowed me to take my time when I wasn't feeling well, along with pushing me when I felt better! Thank you for the great experience!

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We offer a wide range of Physical Therapy services & programs to help you get back on your feet.