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Sprains & Strains

Sprains & Strains - A SPRAIN is a stretch or tear in a ligament (bands of fibrous tissue that connect bone to bone in a joint), while a STRAIN is a stretch or tear in a muscle itself or a tendon (the fibrous tissue that connects a muscle to a bone). Sprains usually occur when a person falls, twists, or is hit in a way that forces the body out of its normal position. The most common type of sprain is a sprained ankle – nearly 25,000 occur every day. Strains happen when a person twists or over-stretches a muscle or tendon. Signs and symptoms of sprains and strains are similar and include pain, inflammation, and sometimes bruising. The more severe the injury, the more debilitating it will be. The goal for treatment of sprains/strains at BAM is the return to the level of functionality that a person had before injury. This process can range from several days for a very minor injury, to up to a year for complete recovery from a surgical repair of a severe case involving ligament reconstruction. The use of modalities to reduce/control pain & inflammation and exercises to restore strength and function are the earmarks of any rehabilitation program.

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