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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries - in the broadest sense, refer to injuries which most commonly occur during sports, or exercise, participation. These injuries can result from accidents, poor training practices/techniques, improper (or outdated) equipment, a lack of strength/conditioning, or insufficient warm-up & stretching. Sports injuries can include Sprains, Strains, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Fractures, Contusions, and Concussions, affecting nearly every joint or body part of an athlete. The athletic population can include anyone from a toddler playing soccer to the professional or Olympic athlete and anything in between. Injuries can occur as part of team participation or simply working out as a “weekend warrior”. As an Athletic Trainer at BAM, Dan Schriner, MEd, LPTA, LAT realizes one of the most important parts of treating sports injuries is getting them diagnosed in a timely manner to limit any secondary problems from occurring and then initiating a proper healing/recovery process. Rehabilitation of sports injuries here at BAM focuses on assuring a safe, timely, and competitive return to the athlete’s desired sports/activities. With many years experience in Sports Medicine, Dan can assist in making sure your injury recovery meets or exceeds all of those expectations.

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