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"I am excited to walk again, you are doing a great job. People cannot believe how quickly I am learning how to walk."


"I was very pleased. The staff is very pleasant, well trained respectful and they helped with my balance to prevent falls. A joy filled experience."


"Great therapy group. This is my 2nd knee replacement. Best rehab facility I know of and have gone too."


"I was very satisfied-everybody was great; have told several people to switch and go to BAM for therapy."


"Love BAM, everyone was outstanding. They really worked hard to get rid of the severe vertigo I had. I recommend BAM"


"I will definitely return if future therapy is needed. I enjoyed talking with the staff and having everything explained so I could understand the process, expectations and results."


"I am happy with the therapy which really helped my balance. The staff made every visit enjoyable and fun"


"I would not consider going anywhere else!! Marianne and the team are a special group of dedicated, caring & fun people."

"Sincerely & Happy, D.S."


"Thank you all so very much! I learned a lot! My experience was so pleasant—even under my stress level! Suggestions were invaluable! My deepest appreciation!!"


First Round of Therapy: "I was very pleased with the help I received and the very competent physical therapists/assistants who worked with me! I will be returning after another hip replacement. They are great here!!"

Second Round of Therapy: "I have been most pleased with the therapy I received on my second round—my second after hip surgery. Every P.T. or P.T.A. who worked with me offered so much help and encouragement. Thank you so much!!"


"You couldn’t ask for a better place for rehab. I had both knees done and choose your place. Staff was outstanding! Thanks!!"


"I’ve already recommended it to my doctor for her patients. Very friendly staff!"


"Offering the maintenance program is an added plus at the conclusion of therapy."


"Keep up the cookies!!"


"THE BEST REHAB. In the City of Toledo, maybe the State.
Thank you for everything. You guys are the best!"


"This was the most beneficial physical therapy I’ve had. The testing & feeling that everybody knew my situation and working with me with so much patience…Thank You!!"


"Seeing a different therapist every visit. They all have great personalities and it made it a great experience. Will return to you if necessary."


"This attempt at physical therapy is the sixth attempt. Oops! Forgot one! The seventh time and the best! Dr. Davis directed me to [BAM]. And slowly I began to realize where I was and what was being offered to me. Lets start with Dan Sandy – he has been professional, patient and compassionate. He [and] all of his crew, while being kind & patient, pay attention to how I was, doing steps – leading me to do my best."

"They never let my routines get boring. But best of all, I think they really care!"

"[BAM] is the best!"

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"I was very pleased with the help I received and the very competent physical therapists/assistants who worked with me. I will be returning after another hip replacement. They’re great here!"

Linda Dohrmann

"My experience at [BAM] was completely satisfactory. I was always greeted with a friendly smile and by name by the receptionists."

"I had knee replacement surgery and wanted very much to get back to 'normal' as soon as possible. Dan, Dan and Jackie were very aware of my concerns and encouraged me to work hard. As a result, I was able to walk without my cane after two weeks and started to drive again after three weeks. They answered all my questions and gave me very helpful advice with certain issues I was experiencing."

"They are a committed group of therapists who truly want you to regain your confidence and your ability to be independent."


"My rehab experience at [BAM] was a pleasant experience. Dr. Hartwig replaced my shoulder on Jan. 8, 2013. I started rehab on or around, Jan. 15, 2013 and completed it on May 29th. Dan Sandy was my therapist. "

"He made my visits as pleasant as possible. His wisdom and kindness helped this difficult time for me. His care enabled me to now have full use of my shoulder. Thank you to Dan and all who helped me reach this goal."

Jenni Buerk

"Through working with Dan Sandy at [BAM], I was able to recover from my injury and ultimately avoid surgery. The pain I suffered was greatly relieved early on in therapy. Dan was knowledgeable, confident and caring in his method of treatment. The staff at [BAM] were friendly and professional. The experience could not have been better!"

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Larry G. Calcamuggio

"Thank you for all your help and encouragement these last few weeks recovering from my fourth knee surgery. The hard work, instruction and guidance you provided made all the difference. I learned from having been there four years ago, that the harder I worked, the better the results. But you are the reason its possible to work hard, and still enjoy every minute! I will be back, hopefully just to visit, but if needed, I know where I can get effective, professional and friendly therapy."

"Thanks again for all the help."

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Rick Perz

"I am a 62 year old ex college basketball player that participated in numerous other sports and activities over the last 40 years. Knee pain and arthritis finally led me to the decision to replace my right knee this last January 4, 2013."

"I chose [BAM] on a word of mouth referral and am proud to say that I am 100% pleased with the decision I made. The first visit to therapy was an impressive evaluation and an example of the professional care and expertise that was to follow over the next 18-20 visits. Dan, Dan, Tony, Lindsay, and Jackie were kind, caring, and motivated to help me reach my goals they helped me set. I am happy to say that even though I had a foot alignment problem that caused me great concern, I was always given extra attention and I felt a total commitment to helping me both physically and mentally during therapy to rehabilitate my knee. The hard work needed for success was made much easier because of the knowledge shared by the therapists and their pleasant approach. I am pleased to say I far surpassed my goals. I give most of the credit to the [BAM] Staff."

"If you are looking into a Physical Therapy Facility, I heartily recommend Balance & Mobility [Therapy]. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the experience. THANK YOU!"

Barbara Dauel

"This is a BIG thank you for all you do. Dr. Beer was very pleased with my progress as was I. ...Again, thank you for your encouragement, cheerfulness and positive attitude."

Did you know?

  • Each year 1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older falls
  • More than 90% of hip fractures are caused by falling
  • Dizziness is the second most common complaint to a doctor after back pain
  • Lack of exercise leads to decreased coordination, balance and bone and muscle strength

Our staff at Balance & Mobility Therapy are here to provide "one on one" treatment based on your individual needs.

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